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Here is a collection of documents relating to the Mamod Locomotive and its derivatives, MSS Jane & Janet etc

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Mamod Handbook
If you have any documents that you would like to see here send a note to mamod@dhippey.co.uk

Many thanks to Christopher Cairns for starting this collection
Taming the Mamod
Steam path on Mamod & MSS locos
Fitting a Dead Leg Lubricator to a Mamod or MSS Locomotive
Mamod Exhaust Control
Mamod Exhaust Control Photos
Mamod Kenversions Feb 2010 Heritage
Mamod SL1 - A Buyer's Guide to Steam
Mamod SL1K Locomotive Assembly Instructions
Mike Chaney Mamod O Ring Kit
MSS and Mamod Cylinder Lubrication
MSS and Mamod Dome
The Mamod Steam Railway Instructions
My experiences with Mamods
MSS Lift Off Saddle Tank
MSS and Mamod Fuel Tray

Cylinder Lubricator for Mamod
Goodall Meths Burner for the Mamod Locomotive
Making a Mamod Spirits Burner
Replacing a Mamod or MSS Sight Glass Plastic
Mamod Regulator, Burner  and Lubricator
Mamod Stretching
PeterJones Re-engineering your Mamod
Merlin Locomotive Works Gas Burner for Mamod Locomotive (updated)
Merlin Locomotive Works Radio Control for Mamod SL
IP Jane Instructions
Regulator Fitting Instructions
Mamodifications - Fred Game
Sidestreet Bannerworks Mamod Page   
Sidestreet Bannerworks Creekside Forge & Foundry's
Baldwin 0-4-0ST
Soft solder boiler repairs pdf
Salem Steam Models Catalogue -1992
Kenversions Mamod Brochure
MGM Mamod Boiler Water Injection Valve
MGM Mamod Mark 2 Meths Burner
Fitting RC to a Mamod - R G Nicholls