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HGLW - Useful Accessories and Home Builder Parts
10ml Round Tipped Syringe
Oil Filled Bronze Bearings
Useful for topping up meths, draining lubricators or general oiling  moving parts  - 1.90 each
To ensure your models run free we supply oil filled self lubricating bearings.

For 3mm axles 
Inside diameter = 3mm
Outside diameter  = 6mm
Flange outside diameter = 9mm
Flange width = 1.5mm
Overall width = 4mm

2.00 for a pack of four
Lead Sheet - For Weighting Stock
If you would like to add a little weight to your stock we supply lead in sheet form that can easily cut with scissors or modeling knife.
Sold in 200g sheets (aprox 150mm x 70mm)

2.50 per sheet
We are happy to ship internationally.  But please contact us before ordering to arrange for international shipping.
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Axle Rods
Suitable for use with the above bearings
3mm x 300mm

1.70 per rod
If you can't see what you want we may already have it, just not on the website yet.  Send us an email and we will take a look in the stock cupboard. Email hglw@eagleassist.com
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Long Link Brass Chain
The chain is 10mm pitch (measured from link centre to link centre). Individual links therfore measure around 13mm
Chain sold by the foot (aprox 300mm)
Spare Worm Gears
Pack of three replacement worm gears. 2mm bore to fit the above motor
(However if you are constantly stripping gears please get in touch and we will try to assist you. The Nylon worm should last literally years of normal use)

1.00 for 3
DPDT Change Over Switch
The same double pole double throw switch as used in most our models

2x AA 2 Cell Battery Holder
Standard 2 cell battery holder as used in our kits

2x AAA 2 Cell Battery Holder
Where space is more of a challenge use smaller AAA batteries

High Torque Miniature DC Motor
1.5 to 6 volt
24mm Diameter
2mm Shaft Diameter
30.5mm Long