Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works
Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works
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HGLW are now distributors of the modern Deltang 2.4Ghz range of radio control equipment. The receivers are small enough to fit in almost any prototype locomotive

We supply the full range from component parts to complete systems. We also fit R/C systems to your locos.

Some of the locos that have been through the locomotive works for R/C fitting or battery conversion include:
Several Accucraft Baguley Drewrys
A brace of Locomotion Railbuses
A Roundhouse Billy
A John Turner (I think) Hunslet
A big big 0-4-0
An Essel Fowler

A mixture of R/C gear is used

Other systems worked on include RCS, 27mhz and 40mhz gear.

A manual Roundhouse Billy in the workshops for R/C fitting and a little TLC
A diminutive Fowler fitted with a 2.4ghz radio system