Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works
Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works
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We carry out both cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment to a high standard
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Tired and unloved
All spick and span.
Ready for it's new owner
Pictures and video on this page are to give you an example of past work done for our customers
Stripped down to her underwear!
A good head of steam and a crisp chuff from the newly fitted chuff pipe
Locomotion railbus with replacement R/C, speed controller, sound and lights
This black Roundhouse Lady Anne has recently been through the workshops to be refitted before going off to her new owner
In this second picture you may notice the lit loco lamp.Fitted at the new owners request to remind him that the R/C was switched on. To help prevent flt batteries.
A steam Locomotion railbus on trial following its refurbishment at the works
Yet another Locomotion railbus on trials following refurbishment in the workshops
A Locomotion railbus with upgraded batteries, wiring and lights, plus a repaint and the addition of sound
An Accucraft Wrekin fitted with a radio control, a DJB resonator whistle and Summerland chuff pipe