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HGLW Lineside Accessories help bring your line to life
Tea Chests
Fruit Boxes
Scaled at 16mm/foot
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Darjeeling tea crates come to you in a flat strip for you to assemble
The set comes as one fruit box and one fruit tray kit (fruit not included)
We are happy to ship internationally.  But please contact us before ordering to arrange for international shipping.
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Whisky Crates
These crates are branded 'Glenhoustoun distillery'
or why not have your crates customised for your lines own distillery or even your favorite tipple.
(for customisation see below)
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Salmon Boxes
These actual sized salmon boxes in 16mm scale are fashioned after ones used by the River Tay Fisheries in Scotland.
There are two sizes in use depending of the size of fish being transported.
They are available as single boxes, packs of 5 of one size or packs of 5 mixed 
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Wooden Barrels
Genuine HGLW turned wooden barrels. Useful for wagon loads or general station 'clutter'. These barrels come in a plain wooden finish. Staining or varnishing is recommended and see the video for a very simple way of highlighting the hoops using a sharpie pen
Customised boxes
If you would like to have any of our boxes customised to your local industry we charge a one off set up fee of 10 for the art work then your  boxes are charged at the rates for the items below.

For example, among the personalised chests produced so far  are tea chests for a specific tea plantation in India and crates for a Marmite production facility, plus many many more.

So if you need boxes for your jam butty mine, or want to see produce from your local farm being loaded onto your line get in touch to see what we can do for you HGLW@EagleAssist.com