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HGLW Lineside Accessories help bring your line to life
Scaled at 16mm/foot
We are happy to ship internationally.  But please contact us before ordering to arrange for international shipping.
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Railway Lamps
These dummy lamps are manufactured from resin and supplied with either a red or clear jeweled lens. They have a locating hole on the rear for fitting on a lamp iron and constructed with a hollow base.
Two typical railway designs are available with either upright or diagonal planking. Made from plywood these are supplied unpainted. It is suggested that these are painted to protect them when used out doors
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Signal Arms
These signal arms are available as either home (straight end) or distant (forked end). They are made from 1.5mm plywood, but will require sealing and painting for outdoor use.
Available in the following packs:
    3 home (straight ended)
    3 distant (chevron ended)
or 2 home and 1 distant

Priced at 1 per pack

The blades are 40mm from the end to the pivot, 59mm overall.
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SLOW DOWN! - Speed Restriction Signs

How many times do we see folks moaning on about the speed of our little locos? Well here at HGLW we have listened and have produced a set of speed restriction signs to help keep your drivers in check

Made from durable stainless steel

Available individually or as the set of three
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