Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works
Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works
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Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works (HGLW) undertake maintenance, refurbishment and modification work to models in 16mm and G scales, we also manufacture and sell a number of Garden Railway related products

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Visit this site regularly as over the coming days we will have a number of sundry item for sale online
The HGLW is pleased to announce that it is now the first approved Summerland Chuffer fitter in Scotland

We are taking orders now to help the Lochs and Glens resound with the sound of chuffing

See the announcement on the
Summerland Chuffer website
If you have any specific requests either send us a mail or give us a call
This is where the Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works started. Its a video of the Houstoun Gate Light Railway's rebuilt Mamod. Although the staff of the HGLW have many many years of engineering experience beyond this humble start.
Exciting News - We are in the process of creating a railbus in a similar vein to the much loved but long discontinued Locomotion range

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Draft design plans for the forthcoming HGLW Railbus
Summer Coach Range

While basking in the sun here in Scotland the Loco Works created a range of summer open coach for our passengers
The kits are available in both 32mm and 45mm

Available now on our Rolling Stock Kits page
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Lots of photos of folks HGLW models to see
Empire Bogie Coach
Our Premier Range bogie coach in a style that was seen all over 'the empire'

Once again the wooden parts for this kit are all plywood

See the Premier Kits page for more details
Gordon Loco
A loco body designed to fit on a 'Big-Big/Novo 0-4-0 chassis

ow available with a new HGLW designed chassis. This 4 wheel drive chassis is also available as a separate item for home build projects

For more info see here at the bottom of the page)
Radio Control
HGLW stock the Deltang range of Radio Control equipment

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Gift Vouchers
Stuck for a gift idea for your friends and family? Then worry no more!

The new
HGLW gift vouchers are now available.

Sized in various denominations to suit every pocket these vouchers allow them to choose just the gift they really want
Wittenberg Schafer Loco

Designed as a brickworks loco, originally constructed as an overhead electric loco, but easily 'imagineered' as a battery or ic engine conversion.

See HERE (Near the bottom of the page)

(Find it under the 'Kits' button on the menu, then the bottom of the Locos page)

Kopple Sitzwagen

We have two versions of an Arthur Koppel designed passenger 'Sitzwagen'

Based on an extended skip chassis these are useful for transporting workers out to the fields, or conveying visitors around your site.

Available as either covered or open carriages
7/8th Scale Penrhyn Railway Quarrymans Open Coach and Penrhyn and Ffestiniog Slate Wagons
See here

HGLW have taken over the supply of these products following Mike Ousby's passing
Service Status 
Currently orders are taking up to 6 weeks to despatch    (July 2022 Update)
16mm Scale Penrhyn Slate Wagon
This is a high resolution 3D printed kit Forget about the need to endlessly sand, file and fill 3D prints. This is a quality kit  that requires very little finishing
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